Journey's End Refuge


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About Us

We are a nonprofit organization helping troubled adolescents find their way. More children are turning to violence and displaying their anger toward home, friends and school. We will help to lift their spirits so they may enjoy the true beauty of the world we live in.

We are located on HWY 251 off of I-95 near Darien, Brunswick and the Golden Isles, Georgia, with many wonderful and majestic places to be seen!

Our Staff

Our founder is Debbie Martino who enjoys working with children, animals and outdoors. The president is her son, Keith Martino, who enjoys hunting and fishing. Admintrative Director is Diane Sawyer who enjoys working with people. These are a few of our employees. Job openings are available. For more information contact us.


Founder, Debbie Martino
I want to make a difference
and help children to live a better life!!





Our Programs

Some of the programs we offer to the adolescents are horseback riding, horse shows, river camping, fishing, hayrides with low-country boils, playing cowboy and Indians on horseback, Indian dances around the campfire and much, much more.

Completion of our ropes course is a requirement for both the adolescent and their parents. There will be effective listening and communication role playing as well as tutoring to catch up with group peers.

There will be one-on-one counseling and family counseling. Parents will be encouraged to come see their child and participate in any of our activities.


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BECAUSE they will receive one-on-one teaching, they WILL
BELIEVE in themselves to move BEYOND their limits of today!